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Getting a show ready

I was informed three months ago that I was going to be the Featured Artist at my hometown Starbucks. For the seasoned photographer, this might not be considered a big deal but for me it was something. I never did a solo show and I was particularly interested in showing off my work to friends, neighbors, and local artists and soliciting their honest critiques.

I spent the first two months sort of procrastinating/running ideas through my head. I told myself I'd get serious in October thinking one month would be enough time to prepare everything. As ideas mounted and the sense of work involved grew I decided to make a punch list and it looked something like this:

- Photograph selection; consider sizes and number of pieces to show

- Organize files and touch up .TIFFs for print

- Design promo cards

- Print photographs; decide on paper and finish

- Print/distribute promo cards

- Mat pictures

- Buy materials for frames; select wood for display purposes - something light (1x8 pine?)

- Build frames; cross-cut boards, rip frame pieces, cut 45s, glue and nail, stain.

- Final assembly; mount matted photographs, apply paper backing, install rubber

bumpers, eyelet screws and hanging wire, glue business card to paper.

- Wrap pieces

- Deliver

- Install

The process was fun. I like cutting mats and cutting wood and I like even more, cutting out the "middle man". Printing is the only service that I outsourced. I take all of my work to The Art Emporium in Needham, MA. They produce the best quality fine art prints, hands down!

I worked right up to the end to meet the deadline (the second coat of stain was drying on Halloween) and my collection of 12 photographs of the Medfield State Hospital was installed by noon on November 1.

Initial feedback is good. The first question everybody asks is, "How did you get inside the buildings?" And all I can tell them is, "I made private arrangements with someone who works for the state and wishes to remain anonymous."

Please come to my reception at Starbucks in Medfield on Thursday, Nov 9 from 7 - 8:30!

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